Creative Visualization and Persistence of Vision

The partial shapes of the 10 Nature’s strokes of निताइ are retained as a visual image in our mind for a split second just after they have been airwritten and visualized.

Everything that exists is endowed with meaning. That’s how we understand the world around us.

A particular object can be known by different means, depending on which of our senses it appeals to.

The Honeybee

Seeing a picture of a honeybee. Hearing the buzzing of a honeybee. Getting bitten by a honeybee. Or tasting the honey. They will all remind us of the same thing: the honeybee.

Similarly, visualizing the निताइ Shape will gradually remind and harmonize our own nature with the universal cosmic Nature and the Nature around us.

Visualizing the 10 shapes of 👉निताइ while airwriting them is even more powerful than resonating, singing, or hearing the Nitaai sound.

This practice embodies the frequencies and energies of Nature and empowers us with the same.

The Uncovering

“Nitaai” means the uncovering of our original blissful and self-empowered state through harmony of all our senses with Nature. So निताइ cannot but appeal to our sense of sight and touch as well. And ultimately to our mind too.

The aforementioned example of the honeybee is very significant in respect to Nitaai Meditation.

A honeybee is always drawn to and revolves around the source of nectar. With one-pointed attention and joy it collects the valuable flower particles.

In the same way, our mind revolves around the mesmerizing parts of निताइ Shape while practicing its visualization with airwriting.

The निताइ Shape is the inexhaustible source of that bliss which is immensely pleasing to the body, mind, and heart.

Persistence of Vision

By airwriting and visualizing the निताइ Shape within one’s mind, one experiences what is called the persistence of vision.

It is also referred to as the Sparkler’s trail effect. It is named after the trail that appears when a sparkler is moved around quickly.

Sparkler’s Trail

This short moment is enough to gain our complete attention and imprint the written shape deep within our consciousness. The result is mindful and complete absorption in cosmic nature.

Creative Visualization

Brain studies reveal that such mental imagery impacts many cognitive processes in the brain like motor control, attention, perception, planning, and memory.

It’s also been found that creative visualization practices can enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime the brain for success, and increase states of flow – all relevant to achieving the best quality of life livable.

The Power of the Sanskrit Shapes

But it’s not only the persistence of vision and mental tracing which makes Nitaai Meditation so powerful.

The निताइ Shape originates in the Sanskrit language. Dr. Rama Jayasundar from All India Institute of Medical Sciences conducted a scientific experiment in regards to meditating on some renowned formulas of Ancient India.

She could confirm that using the original language of Sanskrit led to more promising results in regards to biophysical effects on the human body.

Sanskrit Shapes

In particular, it could be observed that meditation on Sanskrit representation of these formulas led to synchronisation of the neural chemicals between left and right hemisphere of the brain.

And because the biophysical, psychological, and structural levels of human beings are interconnected, this lead to a comprehensive increase of the well-being of an individual.

Visualization and Turbulent Mind

Admittedly, it may be a challenge at times to focus on the 👉निताइ Shape within a turbulent mind. But there is no reason to despair as it can be quickly perfected by training the mind via daily practice!

One can write its shape with the index finger in the air and clearly visualize each and every part of each stroke within one’s mind.

Such form of air-writing, the so-called calligraphic hand-writing, and the research conducted in this regard has shown very promising results especially in respect to stress reduction. This potential is even further magnified in Nitaai Meditation through the meditative nature of the practice.

Creative Visualization

The Sense of Touch

Airwriting of the निताइ Shape with one’s fingertip activates our sense of touch. Although perhaps the most overlooked sense, it plays a crucial role in respect to our day-to-day integrity with the environment.

Every one of us receives tactile information about the world around us every second of the day.

As David Linden, a neurobiologist at Johns Hopkins, says: “You can close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to be blind, and you can stop up your ears and imagine what it’s like to be deaf. But touch is so central and ever-present in our lives that we can’t imagine losing it.”

A Baby’s Touching

Touch is mysteriously crucial for a baby’s development. Researchers are still not entirely sure why it happens, but it seems that early touch experience is extraordinarily important for development of both cognitive function and a healthy body of the baby.

We know how children love to get their hands on everything. They are curious about the world around them and want to touch everything within their immediate proximity.

Touch is thus one of the most important senses for developing children because it helps children to grasp the three-dimensional world we live in.

Touch is Mapping

Writing, drawing, or tracing the निताइ Shape with our index finger in the air is very significant in this regard. Our brain pays wildly disproportionate attention to touch on different parts of our body.

Kinesthetic Tactile Learning

Linden says: “The part of your brain that processes touch information has a map of your body surface. But this map is very highly distorted.

“It over-represents areas that have lots of fine touch receptors (like the face, the lips, tongue, and the fingers) and under-represents areas that don’t have many receptors (like the parts of your back, chest, and thighs).”

The Merkel Ending

These receptors come in four varieties. One of them, called a Merkel ending, is only in the parts of the body we use to feel something really finely – like our fingertips.

By touching 👉निताइ Shape with our finger through the subtle medium of air, not via any other part of the body, can we experience the finest vibrations and frequencies of Nature it embodies.

Finger Light

As the baby explores the world around itself by touching everything, we explore the finest aspects of the Nature around us and our inner Nature by touching Nature’s 👉निताइ Shape.

Let’s Keep in Touch

So, let’s keep in touch! And we mean it literally. Let’s keep in touch with the Nature within and without by mindfully touching and visualizing the all-encompassing and vibrant parts of the निताइ Shape!

Benefits of Nitaai Meditation

What follows is a summary of the main benefits of Nitaai Meditation:

► Improvement of many cognitive processes in the brain, such as motor control, attention, perception, planning, and memory.

► Enhancement of motivation.

► Increase of confidence and self-efficacy.

► Reduction of harmful anxiety and stress.

► Synchronization of the neural chemicals between the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

► Refinement of the sense of touch and interactions with our near and dear ones.

► Finer and more accurate perception of objects one comes in touch with.

► Overall positive biophysical effects on the human body and a comprehensive increase of the well-being of an individual.

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  1. I had never read these facts about creative visualization before. The science behind Nitaai Meditation is so interesting and phenomenal and it explains why I feel its positive effects on my mind and body. Thanks for sharing. 👉निताइ

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