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How is it possible to keep yourself sane and beat anxiety in these hectic modern times?

Most people now work for 40 hrs sometimes 80 hr/week… in these stressful economic times.

Our job aren’t easy – there are deadlines, commitments, and goals that we have to meet… that too in a very unreasonable amount of time.

At home, we have our spouses, kids, and family. There are bills to pay and mouths to feed.

Doesn’t it feel like over the past 5 years your anxiety and thus stress has increased rapidly?

And at the same time… we have even less time on our hands than ever before to address this problem.

So what can we do?

How can we win over anxiety without spending more money on drugs, excess food, or a therapist?

How can we get back the natural balance that was given to us by nature?

For three long decades, Nitaai Kumar (Gold medalist from a Top 10 university) searched for the answer to the exact same question.

Life has drastically changed in the last 100 years… and all of it not necessarily in a good way.

He believes that we need something just as powerful to balance all the anxiety the world is continuously overwhelming us with.

The BIG problem is that there are very few practices which are powerful enough and still relevant and practical in this rough modern age.

Most of the practices that are taught to combat anxiety and stress are either too time consuming, physically impossible to do for an average person, or unaffordable for the common man.


They take too long to bear any results. It is impossible these days to practice something for a decade (unless you are a monk) before you get any results.

Nitaai Kumar, the author of the Win Over Anxiety video podcast and the co-founder of the Antistress Foundation, after researching ancient cultures for nearly 30 years, found a simple little practice that was hidden deep within them. Very few people know about it’s existence.

Nitaai Kumar kept this practice a secret for the first few years. Until the overwhelming and overflowing peace and happiness it awarded him daily made him feel compelled to shart sharing it with everyone in 2016!

And the results were astonishing to say the least…

It is so powerful that you can feel it’s effects in the first 5 minutes itself. Many people say they feel currents of Bliss move through them. Some feel goosebumps of happiness, some feel very calm, relaxed and peaceful, some feel like all their burdens have been lifted, some feel more focused and self-empowered, etc. etc.; the very first time they try it!

It’s nothing like they have experienced before…

Now, this free Nitaai Meditation; because of its childlike simplicity and ability to give really fast results and its relevance to this dark modern times; has become extremely popular.

From 2016, there have been around 10,000 glowing testimonials recorded to date and over 40,000 live retreats and workshops. 20 million people online have experienced this magical Nitaai Meditation uncovered by Nitaai Kumar. And all of it has been done by the word of mouth.

Want to try this practice yourself?

Then, all you have to do is listen to the episodes of his brand new podcast – Win Over Anxiety.

Or type in your podcast app which supports portrait videos (like Apple Podcasts or Podcast Addict) and subscribe.

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  1. The itunes and the RSS feed downloads did not work on my MacBook. I do not want to add the Pocket App. Have you considered using SoundCloud for audio files? It’s much easier to access.

    I look forward to seeing much more material on your website.

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